What is sCoolwork?

sCoolWork is an awesome essay writing app, which helps students to write high grade papers, while saving time.

The secret of sCoolWork's success is the combination of smart educational methods with the power of technology. sCoolWork treats paper preparation as a whole process and provides everything you need to do your work, from choosing the topic and essay type up to submission of the completed paper.

Is sCoolWork good for me?

  • sCoolWork is great for school, college and university students who wish to improve their grades and save homework time.
  • ESL students can also use sCoolWork to write like native speakers, even if they never learned how to actually
    write an essay.
  • Parents and homeschoolers might find sCoolWork a great gift for their kids which improves their writing skills.
  • For teachers and educators sCoolWork is a good teaching tool, enhancing their arsenal of ed-tech.
  • GMAT test preppers can use sCoolWork to learn how to boost of their GMAT score.

How exactly does sCoolWork help me?

sCoolWork’s simple and proven 6 steps writing method makes your life easier and your grades higher.
No longer do you get stuck, asking yourself questions like “What is a good way to start my essay with?” or “How do I write the introduction’s second sentence?” You just shoot forward like a sports car with your essay.

  • When creating a new paper, you should choose a good topic and proper essay type (argumentative, narrative, descriptive, five paragraph, etc.). sCoolWork’s Paper Creation Wizard simplifies this step and suggests you a topic,
    if necessary.
  • Then you select a pattern, organizing the structure of your paper’s paragraphs.
  • Next, you state your thesis and outline your essay - all this using sCoolWork outlining tool, which helps you to research your points and develop your ideas.
  • Writing your essay is done using a smart and simple built-in editor, integrated with your outline notes, close guidance and a neat search machine, so writing is easy and very effective.
  • You don’t need to worry about formatting standards. sCoolWork fully supports MLA, APA and Chicago from your paper’s title and down to the last word, including the bibliography. Just try our Citation Machine and you will see how this usually tedious task can turn out to be very easy!
  • Finished papers are then ready for print and submission, and all that’s left is to wait for your well-deserved
    high grade.
Each writing step is accompanied with in-place guidelines and samples.


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After that, a year of sCoolWork is priced less than 1 hour of private tutoring, but delivers WAY MORE value.
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  * some of the upcoming features (advanced grammar checker, plagiarism detector,
citation machine, etc.) may require an additional payment

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