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BrightNet is a market research firm that was founded in 1994 by Dr. Moti Friedman, focusing then on quantitative research. In 1997, Dr. Noga Friedman joined the institute, widening the scope of its offering to also include qualitative research. Today, BrightNet specializes in providing business information by conducting international market research in order to develop fund-raising business plans and to build sales-increasing marketing plans that include promotional materials, such as content writing for brochures, posters and websites.
The first thing anyone does when they want to learn how to do something–from guitar playing to salsa dancing–is search online. The problem is that Google presents millions of disorganized results without indicating which pieces of content are most pertinent to you. MentorMob is a crowd-sourced platform that allows users to organize the very best online learning content on any topic into a Learning Playlist.
TeacherCast - a collection of educational resources under the guidance of Jeff Bradbury, to help educators navigate the sea of technology, featuring Podcasts, Screencasts, Online Courses, Career Center, Educational Social Network, Edtech Magazine and much more!
Digital Writing, Digital Teaching - a blog written by the wonderful Troy Hicks, an associate professor of English at Central Michigan University. It explores the variety of issues related to teaching writing with new media for K-16 teachers and teacher educators.
Eli - a web service that improves writing by helping teachers and students quickly conduct reviews, see and assess feedback, and learn from the revision process. Eli was invented by writing teachers for writing teachers. It was invented by Jeff Grabill, Bill Hart-Davidson, and Michael McLeod, all faculty in the Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures department at Michigan State University and researchers in the Writing in Digital Environments Research Center.
Mitzuv - a very effective management consulting firm, specializing in strategic planning and marketing consulting. Their goal is to help our customers grow and improve within the local and global markets, while dealing with competition and with the rapidly changing business environment.
#140edu - a conference headed by Jeff Pulver and Chris Lehmann, intended to take a hard look at the State of Education NOW and provide a platform for educators, parents, students, administrators, school boards, together with anyone and everyone with a vested interest in the state of education a chance to be heard and ideas shared and explored.
Validate and improve your business plan with the help of a successful entrepreneur. If you are currently planning your start up company, looking for an investor, planning your strategy, gearing up for a new business venture or for a new internal project – consider this secret-telling, tricks-of-the-trade-revealing, affordable business plan consulting service by S&K's Shachar Tal.
WEB++ is a resource for web developers providing interesting articles on design and programming techniques, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery examples, tips and tricks.
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