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Seven Works Cited MLA Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let’s get to the bottom line: You can write your essay’s Works Cited MLA without a single format mistake, if you have a right tool. Work Cited MLA compliance means exact matching to the hundreds of very precise and detailed requirements, which nobody can remember. Therefore, you have two options:

Option 1 Spend long hours checking your Works Cited MLA compliance, including:
  • proper order of cited works elements such as author(s), title, chapter, publisher, year, etc. accordingly to the type of each source and availability of these elements
  • accurate use of bolded, italicized and underlined text exactly as required by MLA standard for each source type
  • different entry indentation for the first and the rest of entry lines
  • proper use of all abbreviations such as n.a, n.p., etc. where it’s required
  • alphabetical sorting of all Works Cited entries, taking in account that the same authors, names must be replaced by dashes
    …and even with all that you can’t be sure you didn’t miss some mistakes anyway.
Option 2 Let  sCoolWork handle all of that for you!
Yes. It’s that easy to make sure you never make another works cited MLA mistake again with sCoolWork. In case you still prefer to do things manually, please be sure to avoid these 7 common mistakes:

7 Common mistakes you should avoid in your Works Cited MLA compliant essay

Mistake #1: Improper use of bold, italics and underline fonts.

To avoid this mistake, carefully read the instructions for the appropriate source type. For example, when you cite a book, its title must be italicized, but when you site a periodical, you should italicize the journal or newspaper title and not the article title.

Mistake #2: Improper use of quotation marks.

To avoid this mistake, ensure that you use the quotation marks exactly as described in MLA Works Cited requirements. For example, when you cite a work within Anthology or Collection, you should put the work’s title into quotation marks and use plain text (no bold or italic).

Mistake #3: Your in-text citations do not correspond with your Works Cited MLA page

In-text sources must correspond to the Works Cited MLA page, with your chosen signal word or phrase to be the first thing appearing on the left-hand margin of the corresponding entry in the Works Cited MLA list.

Mistake #4: Mismatch between citing multiple works by the same author and works with multiple authors

To avoid this mistake, carefully read the instructions for each case and follow them in your essay’s text to the letter. Pay attention that it should be exactly correspondent to you essay’s Works Cited page.

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Mistake #5: Web addresses on the Works Cited MLA page

MLA 7 does not require web address when citing an online source in the Works Cited MLA page. However, sometimes your teacher / instructor will ask for it. Then and only then, write a web address

Mistake #6: Periodicals confusion

Do not confuse between magazines, newspapers, reviews, scholarly journals etc. Each has its own set of citation rules which should not be mixed.

Mistake #7: Mistakes in Abbreviations

MLA Works Cited provides very strict instruction as to how to use abbreviations in authors’ titles, dates, well-known geographical names, etc. Make sure you use them properly: upper case letters, lower case, in citations, regarding to publishers, including what to do if you don’t know one of the details.

Final word about how to write your Works Cited MLA essay without a mistake

It’s sad that with all the effort to comply with MLA standards, you are left with little time and patience to actually write your essay. They good news is that when you use essay writing tools like sCoolWork, all of this hard work is gone, and you can concentrate on writing your essay and improving your grade.
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