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New and improved sCoolWork interface.
Good news! We are thrilled to present the new and improved sCoolWork interface.
Closer to the spirit of our winning six-steps writing method, the new interface is much more comfortable and straightforward, allowing you to make your work even better and faster than it was before.

All of your existing papers were already automatically converted to work seamlessly with the new interface, so you can continue to work on them as usual.

If you have any questions regarding the new interface, feel free to contact our support.
Also, if you have any feedback regarding the new interface, please let us know about it.
Paper Creation Wizard improvements.
Although the paper creation process at sCoolWork is very simple, we decided to simplify it even more. For this purpose we made some changes to the Paper Creation Wizard.
In the first step, where you choose the essay type, we turned the types' descriptions into tooltips. As result, you can now see all the supported types without scrolling.

The second step, where you type your essay topic, select format standard, etc. was changed more significantly. We grouped the mandatory fields together at the top of the window and moved all non-mandatory fields to the section "Optional Parameters".

By the way, "Submission Date" became non-mandatory. Although we still recommend to fill out this field because it's required by some formatting standards, you can skip it, if you prefer.
User Profile editing improvements.
The more we listen to our customers' feedback, the more we are able to improve sCoolWork's usability. Today we completed an improvement to the User Profile editor in order to make it more simple and clean.

In particular, the fields are now separated into more straightforward sections, and the view is reorganized in a way that a user can easily move between the sections.

Explanation texts were also improved in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.
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